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lose fat mass

How to lose fat mass

103 ViewsOften considered negative, fat has many advantages. Thanks to it, our body has the energy it needs to function properly. The fat mass also protects us against violent shocks or the cold, but in too large quantities, it leads to the risk  of obesity or overweight . Mathieu Guénantin, [...]

right shrink and therapy

How to choose the right shrink and therapy?

112 ViewsHow to choose your therapy, the right therapy, reliable and solid… What are the advantages and limits of cognitive and behavioral therapies, EMDR, couple therapies, existential therapies or gestalt therapy… And then how to choose the good therapist, what are the right questions to ask yourself before consulting, and [...]

beauty cream

What is the beauty cream and how to use it?

96 ViewsA cut, graze, burn, acne or surgery are all factors that can cause scars to appear on the skin. They cause skin lesions which, if they are not repaired under the right conditions, can leave more or less visible and unsightly marks that can be a source of complexes. [...]

Meal replacement diet

Meal replacement diet

99 ViewsIncorporating meal replacements into the diet is often aimed at losing weight quickly. Be careful though, there are a very large number of substitutes on the market and not all are created equal. Characteristics of the diet based on substitutes for weight loss Provides accurate and consistent feed intake [...]

use a repair cream

How to use a repair cream?

114 ViewsSkin dryness and hypersensitivity weaken the skin of your face and your body day after day. More vulnerable, it pulls, tingles, itches and you may even notice the appearance of redness in certain places. Dehydrated skin is skin that loses its smoothness and elasticity, and you may see this [...]