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Lose weight or keep the line with meal replacements


The reasons are often the same: time saving and rapid weight loss. In any case, that’s what the brands promise you.

It is no longer a question of enjoying and chewing with the substitutes, or else it will be just a simple bar. The notion of pleasure is more than limited. We “eat” out of need.

However, the faster you eat, the less time your brain will have to assimilate that you have indeed eaten. If your brain doesn’t have time to realize it, your hunger will reappear as quickly as it left. It’s the same principle as a fast food, it’s so quick to eat that it doesn’t stick to your stomach. But it’s not your stomach that’s playing tricks on you, it’s your head. Chewing is part of the act of eating to achieve satiety.

Moreover, appreciating what one eats also participates in the act of eating. As a good self-respecting gourmet, I can only repeat it to you: the PLEASURE of eating is essential. What fun is there in drinking a meal replacement? Once, exceptionally, and again, because you will often be disappointed.

And I haven’t yet spoken to you about their nutritional quality…Although they are quite unequal on the subject, the observation is clear: additives, preservatives, thickeners (just to fill your stomach), unidentified ingredients, too high in carbohydrates, not enough in protein, etc.

Rapid weight loss

Regarding rapid weight loss, I want to ask you “Yes, but after the substitutes? You’ve reached your weight loss goal, on the scale anyway. The question of whether it’s muscle or fat you lost isn’t even addressed . But rapid weight loss in the form of the substitute inevitably leads to muscle wasting. As well as detox juice cures without any protein.

So no more substitutes, you resume a classic diet. Several things can happen:

loss of food markers: I no longer know what to eat, when, since I let myself be “guided” without thinking or eating in full consciousness.

excess and compensation of all kinds: substitutes are not a classic and balanced diet because of their type of consumption, so they generate frustration. Who says frustration then says catch-ups with everything that will be opposed type junk food and also says storage, hey yes, the body no longer knows how to assimilate in the right way, it can no longer process information since its system has been skewed for a period, so to make it easier for himself, he stores. Don’t blame him, he has nothing to do with it, it was your choice of substitutes, he just adapts.

Eating liquid is called drinking, except we need to drink AND eat to be healthy

the substitutes….for me this post joins the previous article. With all that we hear around us, even the true and serious opinions of professionals, it is very complicated to know how to do it, what is the purpose of this or that substitute.

Anyway, thanks for your advice.

I’m not talking about dietary supplements here, which can play a role in addition to our diet.

I am talking here about substitute meals for a so-called “classic” diet, meals that completely replace a traditional dish.

I admit, I ended up falling for protein powder. BUT, I “drink” it only once a week. Usually on Sunday evening, because I’m really lazy, I did a sports session and I tell myself that it limits the little excesses of the weekend. Apart from this single dinner, I try to have a balanced diet and the weight loss is there (-6kg in 3 months). Finally I say to myself that I tested but once the pot is finished, I will not buy any more. Even better is a soup!

If it remains punctual and it does not replace your daily diet, no problem with the use of food supplements. It is the drift that is made of it that can be harmful. And some products are clearly designed to completely replace a classic diet, we go beyond the framework of supplements.

The more nutrition articles I read, the more confused I become! To tell the truth I am on FatSecret to control a little and being a vegetarian I realized that my protein intake was low so I took protein drinks and pancakes (for breakfast it is quite chretien so we chew more than with the prince de lu) but I keep a fairly balanced diet for the rest finally I think!

A balanced diet is a healthy basis for good health.

Supplement your protein intake if you can’t find it on your plate, why not. Don’t control too much, give yourself benchmarks and you will move forward serenely

Finally someone sane! And not paid by the brand of any kind that makes you believe in the miracle cure. But it’s like everything in life, if you want something you have to work for it, if you want to lose weight you have to eat well (balance) and take your time the extra pounds did not appear overnight they did not won’t erase in a day. In any case, I find your project of 365 days to love each other a very good idea. Congratulations I love your work

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