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How to use a repair cream?


Skin dryness and hypersensitivity weaken the skin of your face and your body day after day. More vulnerable, it pulls, tingles, itches and you may even notice the appearance of redness in certain places. Dehydrated skin is skin that loses its smoothness and elasticity, and you may see this even more when exposed to sun, cold, pollution or water. Now, specific products have been formulated to protect and moisturize the most fragile skin. A real barrier against aggression, the repairing cream deeply soothes. What are these creams for? How to use them? What repair creams does Eucerin offer?

Why do we have dry skin?

Many factors can cause dry skin . If the first of them remains a sign of aging (after the age of 60, the sebaceous glands, which produce sebum, have lost 40% of their activity), other reasons can lead to a loss of hydration. of the skin:

  • A dry and cold atmosphere;
  • Very calcareous water;
  • Tight clothes, which rub on certain areas of the skin;
  • Household products, especially for the hands;
  • Hormonal factors;
  • Diseases (psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, etc.);
  • Medical treatments, for acne for example;
  • A diet low in essential fatty acids, but also in zinc.

Good to know: it is recommended to consult a doctor when redness or a rash occurs, and in the case of severe itching or infected lesions.

What is a repair cream used for?

A restorative cream is primarily used to help the healing of small wounds, to calm irritations and, more generally, to repair the skin. It is not necessarily greasy and can on the contrary be used daily to moisturize irritated, dry or even inflamed skin.

The oiliest creams have been formulated for occasional applications and combine softening, repairing and, very often, antibacterial agents. The products to favor in case of occasional irritations can be applied on the face, but also on the body.

Different from a classic cream, the repairing cream is able to:

  • Repair the weakened area;
  • Sanitize thanks to antibacterial properties;
  • Nourish and hydrate intensely;
  • Soothe instantly.

Namely: the field of application of repairing creams is quite wide, ranging from chapping to scabs, including angular cheilitis (inflammation of the lips), scales and tightness.

How is a scar repair cream used?

Repair creams formulated to treat scars, for example, are not applied every day. Most of the time, these products contain a lot of fat and little water and therefore do not appear as moisturizers. In addition, too much fat repeatedly could lead to the appearance of imperfections.

You can apply the cream by massage on a recent scar, for an immediate action. Repair creams generally have a more limited effectiveness on scars dating back several years.

Namely : these are not acne creams. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult your dermatologist.

How to apply a repair cream on a scar?

For a spot application on a small wound or a cut on the face, start by cleaning it well. It must also be perfectly dry before applying a cream, and disinfected.

Gently apply the cream to the wound, using circular movements. You can repeat this operation twice a day, until complete healing.

Which restorative cream to choose according to the part of the body concerned?

Eucerin offers targeted products, adapted to the parts of your body in need of a repair cream.

  • If you have damaged hands, for example, prefer a restorative hand cream that is non-sticky.
  • A foot cream should be able to reduce calluses and calluses, while intensely moisturizing cracked heels.
  • A lip balm should act immediately on the lip contour area as well as on dry lips.
  • If you have psoriasis or eczema, between two phases of flare-ups, do not hesitate to use a thick cream, of the balm type, to relieve and space out the attacks.

What is Urea in cosmetics and what is its role?

Molecule naturally produced by the body, Urea is notably used in repairing creams for its moisturizing and nourishing benefits. Antibacterial, it is recommended for people who suffer from disorders related to dry skin.

Some treatments are more or less concentrated in Urea. In the case of extremely dry skin, for an intensive treatment, you can find products containing 30% Urea.

Among the benefits of Urea, we can mention in particular:

  • Its ability to moisturize the driest skin;
  • Its purifying role in case of acne or comedones;
  • The fact that it helps keep skin healthy and hydrated on a daily basis, among other things.

Namely: it can be applied to dry and fragile hair and is also suitable for an irritated scalp.

What is Eucerin Aquaphor Repair Balm?

Aquaphor Repairing Balm has been formulated by Eucerin to bring immediate comfort to very dry and irritated skin. True SOS treatment, it protects by creating a barrier allowing oxygen and water vapor to circulate in the skin so that it “breathes”.

Among the ingredients of this Eucerin product, we find glycerin in order to attract water and maintain it in the skin, but also Panthenol, which promotes regeneration and repair while hydrating the skin.

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