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How to lose fat mass


Often considered negative, fat has many advantages. Thanks to it, our body has the energy it needs to function properly. The fat mass also protects us against violent shocks or the cold, but in too large quantities, it leads to the risk  of obesity or overweight . Mathieu Guénantin, sports coach, reveals some tips for losing this fat mass.

IMG calculation: how to calculate your percentage of fat mass, or body fat percentage?

Several means are used to calculate the proportion of fat mass present in the body. This is the fat mass index (IMG). Not to be confused with the body mass index (BMI), which assesses an individual’s corpulence by estimating whether they are thin, overweight or obese. This index is the only one recognized by the World Health Organization.

As with BMI, body fat index can be estimated via a calculation, although there is a noticeable margin of error. To find your IMG, a little math is therefore necessary: ​​(1.20*BMI)+(0.23*Age)-(10.8*Sex)-5.4. In this equation, we put 0 for women and 1 for men.

In addition to this calculation, other methods have been created to find his IMG. “ This fat mass index is complex. Many alternatives are there to estimate it, but it is complicated to refer to it. For example, we find impedance scales or the skin fold. For the latter, we take specific areas of the body such as the waist or the arms and we measure the size of the fold in centimeters” explains the coach.

How to know your fat mass? The photography technique

For Mathieu Guénantin, the IMG is not the most reliable indicator for evaluating fat loss . It depends on different factors such as height, weight, whether or not you practice sport. The only way to have a reliable estimate of your fat mass is to carry out tests. Very expensive, they are generally reserved for professional athletes. As you will have understood, the IMG is difficult to fathom, but our coach has a trick for evaluating your drop in body fat.

With visuals and measurements, these are safer ways than a scale. Some people lose inches, but not weight. When we start to take the measures, we quickly realize the progress” develops the expert.

Body fat index: is it different in a man and a woman?

For a healthy person, body fat depends on gender. It turns out different between a woman and a man. ” In general, it is slightly higher in a woman. When she becomes pregnant , she needs to have reserves to feed the child” develops Mathieu Guénantin.

How to lose fat quickly?

To lose fat mass, no miracle, the practice of regular physical activity is essential. “ Try to alternate between low-intensity cardio sessions (running, walking), high-intensity (interval method) and muscle-strengthening exercises,” advises the trainer. Combined together, these three workouts guarantee a decrease in fatty tissue in the body.

Decrease your fat mass: which diet to adopt?

Combined with physical activity, a good diet is the key to reducing body fat. According to our coach, the loss of fat mass is 70% in food and 30% in sport. Weight loss must be done quietly so that the body does not interpret it as an attack. The goal is to spend more than what we consumes by reducing certain foods in small steps.” In summary: a higher calorie expenditure than the daily calorie intake, but without being overzealous.

The important thing to achieve this loss of fat mass is to maintain the consumption  of lipids and proteins . Conversely, it is better to reduce sugars and carbohydrates. ” People often tend to cut out fat, but it makes the brain, the body, the organs work,” adds Mathieu Guénantin. As a reminder: the body needs a minimum calorie intake to function well on a daily basis…

Is there an ideal fat mass?

Be careful not to fixate on the numbers! The fat mass index is just a number: unlike the body mass index (BMI), there is no “barrier” not to cross that would be potentially dangerous for your health…

In summary: if you are well in your body and comfortable in your clothes, there is no need to try to accurately measure your body fat rate… regardless of your gender or age!

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