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Physical activities

Physical activities: 7 tips to get back to it


Sport, physical activity… It’s decided, at the beginning of the school year, you start! But how do you keep your good resolutions?

The benefits of sport on health are well established. Regular and moderate physical activity (the World Health Organization recommends 30 minutes a day) reduces the risk of overweight, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and falls. It is also good for sleep, transit and morale.

1) Choose your physical activity well

Swimming, walking, gym, cycling… Before subscribing to a sports club or buying equipment, ask yourself a few questions. Do you like swimming in the summer but will you want to go swimming in the middle of winter? The gym does not tempt you? Some gyms offer classes suitable for seniors, find out in your city and ask for a trial session.

2) Two is more fun

Are you worried about getting bored or losing your motivation after the first few lessons? Suggest to a friend to accompany you, it will be easier. not going increases,” advises Samantha Feuillassier.

3) Set achievable goals

Who wants to go far takes care of his horse… Do not accumulate sports activities at the risk of not having the time (nor the desire) to keep your good resolutions. Also be sure to choose an activity suited to your state of health by asking your doctor for advice. And be kind to yourself, if you don’t feel like exercising one day, you’ll make up for it the next. Be sure to stay motivated though. Samantha Feuillassier warns: “If you skip two or three times in a row, it will be very difficult to get back into it. To motivate yourself, think about the state of well-being that follows the practice of physical activity ” , advises Samantha Feuillassier.

4) Change your daily habits

Without joining a sports club, you can achieve the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity by slightly changing your habits. In transport, take the stairs rather than the escalators and, if you can, get off at a bus station before your stop. The weather’s nice? Take the opportunity to garden. Are you making a phone call? Walk at the same time. And why not get your bread by bike rather than by car?

5) A pedometer helps!

A pedometer can help you achieve this goal more easily and will make exercising fun. Do you know that walking your dog for ten minutes is equivalent to taking 1100 steps and one hour of shopping is 4700 steps? To find ideas for new walks near you, visit the website

6) Two easy exercises to do at home

To strengthen the arms : on a chair, without leaning on the backrest, with your back straight, extend your arms in front of you, at shoulder height, clench your fists very hard and rotate your fists to the right, to the left (rotation of the arm). Do 15 rotations. Read also: Gym: find toned arms

To firm the thighs: Position yourself against a wall and get into a seated position, with your back leaning against the wall, your feet under your knees (thigh and calf should form a right angle), as if you were sitting upright on a chair, but without a chair. Hold in a seated position 3 times for 30 seconds.

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